This is why you need Certifications in 2021 | Are certifications really worth it?

Every day, you’re figuring out new things to improve your skills as a professional. You always come across people telling you to get a certification in your area. Are certifications really worth it? Let’s look in detail in this blog post.

Certifications are the best way to make sure you have a solid understanding of your domain. The need for certification is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around for centuries.

What does certification do for you? It certifies that you have been evaluated and tested in an open, transparent process. 

If you take any sort of certification test or exam, then you are subject to a supervisor who will verify that you have completed the test or exam without cheating or taking advantage of any outside help. 

Certifications are important because they are a way to show employers that the person has attained mastery in a particular field, which may lead to increased job prospects.

Below are the main reasons why certifications are important your career

Certifications provide a good foundation

You can’t really measure the importance of certifications without considering their value. Certifications are necessary for any individual who wants to excel in the field of information technology. 

The first reason why a certification is important is because it provides a good foundation. 

Certifications offer a way to learn about the different concepts, principles, and technologies that are key to understanding how things work. 

Certifications provide immense value

Certification can help professionals stand out from the rest of the pack.

The value of certification is that it can show potential employers that you are committed to your profession. 

It shows that you are constantly learning and improving your skills because you want to grow as a professional. 

By getting certified, you are also showing commitment to your employer, which will make it more likely for them to promote you or keep you on their team even if they need fewer employees after a transition period.

Below is video from Pearson VUE on value of certification

Certifications can bring progress in your Career

Not only do certifications become necessary for promotion, but they also give you more diversity in your career options as well as improve your skill set.

After completing a certification, there are so many opportunities for you to apply them in your career. 

Furthermore, certifications are also important to your superiors. They signify to your superiors that you are knowledgeable in the field and can solve problems quickly. 

They definitely help to show that you have the skills necessary for higher level jobs in your domain expertise.

Ok. we discussed the reasons that showed why certifications are important for your career.

Now comes the important question which every beginner or a professional has

Can certifications get you a job ?

Certifications cannot guarantee you a job by merely possessing them. There are many factors that play into getting a job, such as education, experience, and even luck.

You need to show that the certification has really made you a better person in your field and you know something extra than someone who does not have one. 

But certifications also get you an interview for the job! This is because employers like to see that you are committed and willing to learn more about your profession.

Then definitely you are going to ask this question next

Lets see what the statistics say. 

As per survey by Pearson VUE , 23% respondents received a salary increase of up to 20%, and 6% respondents received a salary increase of over 20%.

Furthermore, maximum respondents helped to perform complex tasks more confidently. They also added efficiency in their job. 

You can download the report here which will help you to know the value of certification.

Are certifications better than a degree?

Certifications may be more beneficial than a degree for those who do not want to go through the hassle of obtaining a degree and would like to learn and develop skills in their field. 

Certifications will save you money and time as well as enable you to work in your desired field, but they can take much longer than a degree if you are doing it on your own.


As a professional I strongly believe that the importance of certification is really significant in today’s world. Certification along with experience is a great combination to rocket your career.

When you have a certification, then you are considered to be more skilled in your field, which makes you more valuable to any company. 

By becoming valuable you get to earn a promotion or raise in your job. 

What are you waiting for?

Get certified in your field now

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